How to reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression- LIVE HAPPILY

Hello everyone
No matter how rich or famous we become if we get worried about different things, Life won't be fascinating to us because worrying too much will result in Stress, Anxiety and Depression and other harmful diseases which are not actually good for us mentally and physically.

So even if we get all the desired things around the world, we won't be happy!!

Napoleon Bonaparte and Helen Keller are the perfect evidences for this phenomena.

Napoleon Bonaparte had everything; Fame, Power, Money even then on Saint Helena Island Napoleon stated "I HAVE NEVER KNOWN 6 HAPPY DAYS IN LIFE"

On the other hand over the same place Helen Keller who was BLIND, DEAF and DUMB declared that "I HAVE FOUND LIFE SO BEAUTIFUL"

Now the question is if Helen Keller can live happily for 78 years even with so many problems, then why not us?

How to genuinley increase your brain Power with Practical Example

Hello everyone in my last article I talked about 3 principles of MEMORY PALACE by Dominic O'Brien which were Imagination, Association and Location.
Today I will be going to illustrate the Imagination and Association as I told you in my last article so before getting started
Lets play a game.
It's very simple I'm going to give you 10 words
And you will have to memorise them.

How to Memorize Anything in Life

Hello everyone in my last post I discussed some of the most amazing principles from "The 20 hours book" to learn anything in just 20 hours.
So here I present you another exclusive article about remembering anything in just one glimpse.
Dominic O'Brien once a World Memory Champion made a record of memorising 54 Decks of cards in total 2808 cards by looking them for only one time. He did achieved this unbelievable performance level because of a technique called MEMORY PALACE or LOCI METHOD
You might have seen Sherlock Holmes because everytime when he wants to memorise anything he uses this technique. When I used to saw Sherlock using this technique I thought that its just a FICTION or a SUPER POWER. I won't be able to get it and I used to wonder if I get this Power I can do amazing things in my life.
Now I think I was wrong about the fact that this Power is just a fiction rather it's real and anyone of us can use this.

Learn anything in Life in just 20 Hours

Everyone of us want to learn something in our life like Guitar, Martial Arts etc. And we always tell ourselves that we will learn this one day but that one day never comes.
What if I tell you that your future depends on the skills you learn today.
And this is essential for everyone of us to have different skillset in order to compete in today's environment but the problem is When to start? And how to start?
Because most of us think that it will take alot of time and effort to learn something

Best way to deal with stress

Hello everyone in my previous post I have described a two minute technique to overcome the anxiety or fear in different situations, so I thought it would be a plus for every one to discuss about Stress which is related to anxiety. So lets get started

Mostly people make this mistake when they are about to face a situation which causes them stress like going on stage, giving presentation or meeting someone special. their heart starts beating very fast so they try to make their selves calm by doing different techniques, now what they do is that they hide their HIGH NEGATIVE FEELINGS and bury those inside themselves. This is what almost everyone would advice you to do. Right?

How to boost your confidence in just 2 minutes

Hey everyone, I know it’s very common to have fear or anxiety in situations like introducing ourself to many people, talking to someone special, giving presentation or going for an interview, Right? Our heart starts beating very fast and our breathe starts distorting because of this we cannot properly overcome the situation and after that we REGRET about what we ought to do and what we have done. Am I Right? Now, the reason of all this is LACK OF CONFIDENCE!! We can perfectly talk to a group a children but we would be nervous if we talk to any one of a billionaire. This is because we have a feeling of being LESS POWERFUL. YES, we human beings are controlled by different types of powers and our behavior is influenced them. So what happens is that we get nervous and we start making mistakes because it’s pretty natural for human beings to make mistakes when they are nervous. Which is not a good thing.

How to make your dream life come true

Now a days people are getting health conscious because of the reason everyone wants to stay fit. Now I've seen many people transforming themselves from being chubby into a smart and good looking person. Now the question is how do they do it? You might have searched on Google how to get smart in no time. So what you get is like the three options